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Orlando, FL
Maaş / Ücret
$.75 to $1.10 per minute of video transcribed
İş ilan edildi
05 / 15 / 19
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We are looking for transcriptionists who can transcribe unscripted reality television and interviews. These are challenging files.

This will be a temporary position with the possibility of long-term depending on experience and quality of submitted assignments.

This is an independent contractor, remote position. You are hired on a project-to-project basis. You should reside in the U.S. or Canada.

The spring throughout the summer is a very busy season for DT with lots of work to be handed out. As with any transcription company the work fluctuates to the demands of our clients.

Hafta sonları gerekli: Perşembe, Cuma, Cumartesi günleri.

The Ideal Candidate will have the ability to: communicate on a daily basis with the Project Manager, check and respond to emails daily and in an efficient manner, transcribe multi-speakers, transcribe verbatim, transcribe accurately even with background noise and overlapping conversations, type 60 wpm, accept difficult files as well as the easier files, use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, proficiently research uncertain names and words using Google and other search engines, read, understand and follow the instructions and style guide for each assignment, type and proof your transcripts to 98% accuracy, be available for 24 turnaround times – it is imperative that you are available for corrections, if needed, after submission of your transcription assignment, insert time codes every 30-40 seconds or how instructed per guide, use MS Word proficiently.

Equipment/Software required: High Speed Internet, PC/Laptop with the ability to run a transcription program and the ability to upload and download multiple files, Noise Canceling Headphones, Express Scribe or similar transcription software, Foot pedal is optional but makes your job a lot easier.

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