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MOG and AdobeCreativeCloud
MOG and AdobeCreativeCloud

MOG Central Ingest System with direct ingest into Adobe Creative Cloud

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[Portugal, January 8, 2019] MOG Technologies, the worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions for professional media, today announces the full integration of its central ingest tools – both for mxfSPEEDRAIL and SKYWATCH product line – with Adobe® Creative Cloud®.

Media professionals face an extremely demanding market with the proliferation of new technologies, systems, platforms and devices. Getting the content ready with the maximum quality and on short deadlines is a must-have capability. With that in mind, MOG central ingest platform addresses media challenges and makes ingest, transcoding, scheduling, and exporting operations easier and faster. The system supports dozens of formats and is fully compliant with all editorial environments and workflows.

MOG central ingest tools already provide support for growing file workflows with Adobe Premiere® Pro and Adobe Media Encoder. Now the integration includes full support for Adobe Creative Cloud. A user, whether on a standalone system or a connected network, can easily capture or ingest content, taking advantage of the MOG automation and transcoding tools to make sequences bring media into Adobe Creative Cloud apps in a single step. There is no need for additional tools or steps on the workflow: the content is immediately available for creative work, post-production, and distribution.

MOG and Adobe have collaborated since 2012 to accelerate media workflows and create future-proof tapeless broadcasting infrastructures, both for SD and HD environments. To find out more about the new integration please visit:

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MOG Technologies Birinci günden beri yeniliği nefes alıyor. Medya uzmanlarından oluşan parlak bir ekip, dünya çapında medya kütüphaneleri, son teknoloji yayın sistemleri ve her büyüklükteki toplulukların güçlü katılımını sağlayan bulut tabanlı etkileşimli ve çok içerikli bir platform geliştirdi. Artık her tür içeriği gerçek sanal deneyimlere aktarabilen, oynatabilen, bağlayan ve dönüştüren topluluklar.

MOG technology offers the ultimate technology to connect communities, leading them to deeper engagement, greater knowledge, immersive environments and expected behaviors.

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