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Yayın Bakım Mühendisi

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Buffalo, NY
Maaş / Ücret
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05 / 15 / 19
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Yayın Bakım Mühendisi
Buffalo, NY, United States – Full Time
WNED | WBFO is a leading bi-national public broadcasting station consisting of three television and two radio stations, all locally programmed. Programs and outreach explore and address interests relevant to the Western New York and Southern Ontario communities.
The Radio / TV Operations Technician position is responsible for the installation, testing, repair and maintenance of all broadcast and content creation systems. Emphasis is on IP integration and networking of systems for production, distribution, delivery and control of television and radio content. Additional duties include transmission systems repair & maintenance, TV and event production engineering.

We are looking for individuals who:
• Possess a strong understanding of modern television broadcast.
• Proficient in networking, content delivery and streaming via IP.
• Demonstrate the ability to multi-task, work independently and within a team, under pressure.
• Are competent and comfortable in live television and event environments.

What you need to succeed:
• Associates degree in Engineering, Engineering Technology, Information Technology or related electronic technology required, Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in Engineering or IT is preferred
• 5+ years’ TV broadcast engineering / maintenance. Radio experience a plus.
• Working knowledge of FCC Rules and Regulations relating to radio, television and uydu yayın.

WNED | WBFO is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to excellence through diversity and inclusion.

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